Running out of time

Wildfires and Our imperiled forests

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 “This should be required reading for every incoming U.S. secretaryof the interior.” – Kirkus


“If you need a reliable resource to help you sort throughall the fire-related information, “Running Out of Time” is a good choice.  The authors have gathered all the expert knowledge onthe causes of the current situation, its consequences,and methods to combat it.” – Tardigrade

“Beyond the exhaustive and comprehensive discussion of the root causes and history of wildfires in the U.S., David Auchterlonie and Jeffrey Lehman also provide solutions that can save lives, land, property, and the environment.” – Goodreads


“The book offers the opportunity to time-test scientifically proven alternatives and emerging technological advancements to determine the best forest management practices based on regional forest conditions.” – Tom Boggus, Chairman, National Association of State Foresters Foundation,Director Emeritus, Texas A&M Forest Service (2008 – 2021)

“Placing contemporary forest management and wildfire response practices under a microscope, David L. Auchterlonie and Jeffrey A. Lehman’s vital book Running Out of Time argues for reimagining the system.” – Forward Reviews “A thorough and readable book written by two high-level business troubleshooters who are genuinely concerned about climate change andthe role of wildfires” – Wildfire Today