Running out of time

Wildfires and Our imperiled forests

What more compelling evidence is needed to change the way we fight wildfires?

The new book Running Out of Time – Wildfires and Our Imperiled Forests describes an opportunity to make wildfires primarily isolated events rather than annual health, economic, and environmental disasters. We know it is impossible to completely control Mother Nature when a combination of extremely high winds, human behavior, or lightning ignites a forest containing dense underbrush. Instead, we can and must change the way we are fighting wildfires that results in the annual loss of life, residences, property, watersheds, and wildlife described throughout the book.

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“This should be required reading for every incoming U.S. secretary of the interior.”  – Kirkus Reviews

Our book shows A better Way to Manage America’s Forests

How much more loss of life, carcinogenic smoke inhaled by up to two-thirds of the U.S. population, annual disruptions to work and home, decreased forest recreational use, annual damage costs of up to $300 billion, and the environmental damage caused to our carbon stores by wildfires will we tolerate?  Unmanaged forests now put 46 million residences located in 70,000 communities in wildfire risk!

These are some of the questions Author David L. Auchterlonie and contributing author Jeffrey A. Lehman asked when they began extensive research for their book entitled Running Out of Time – Wildfires and Our Imperiled Forests.  Their findings, analysis and recommendations for a solution to this national issue is detailed in the book.


America is facing a wildfire and smoke crisis that is needlessly destroying our communities and natural environment. Based on exhaustive research, this book describes our broken systems of forest and wildland fire management and offers a variety of innovative and proactive solutions. It’s time for our elected officials to stop making excuses and start addressing this crisis so we can finally bend the curve of today’s mega-fires.

Nick Smith
Founder, Healthy Forests / Healthy Communities

Forest fire burning trees.

Who would have ever guessed that two guys from California and Georgia could write an exceptionally well researched book explaining the underlying causes of the West’s wildfire pandemic?

Well, they did it. David Auchterlonie – a corporate turnaround specialist and Jeffrey Lehman, a propeller head with impressive aviation credentials – have assembled the finest wildfire primer to come down the pike in many years.

Indeed, data rich Running Out of Time: Wildfires and Our Imperiled Forests is a terrific desk reference for anyone who needs “grab and go” information concerning the nation’s wildfire crisis.

Their earthy writing style is easy to understand and it gains towering strength from their generous use of well-illustrated federal data sets that will leave you wondering why in the world our wildfire pandemic wasn’t corralled years ago. They answer that question too. Buy the book!

Jim Petersen, author, First, Put Out the Fire!
Founder and Chairman, The Evergreen Foundation

Neglected for decades, America’s public forestlands are highly vulnerable to increased catastrophic wildfires, insects and disease which threaten the health of the nation’s private forestlands as well. Communities, wildlife, water resources and natural landscapes face increased jeopardy without additional human and capital resources. At least 100 million acres of national forests are at risk of severe wildfire without active forest management.

Unfortunately, our communities have suffered from the lack of effective forest management, wildfire suppression and timber harvests. Today, anti-forestry obstruction and litigation prevent public land managers from implementing forest projects that reduce the risks of wildfires and the carcinogenic smoke they create.  Regardless of the misguided good intentions behind these efforts, they are literally loving the forests they wish to protect to death!  This book thoroughly examines how our federal and state firefighting agencies lack the funding to meet today’s wildland fire crisis. It provides insights into current firefighting and forest management practices and proposes solutions.

The authors suggest using novel private-public partnerships to muster the resources needed to act now to implement practical and necessary solutions as were accomplished in Texas. The book offers the opportunity to time-test scientifically proven alternatives and emerging technological advancements to determine the best forest management practices based on regional forest conditions. The incentives identified also allow ample investment to address our neglected forest management and wildfire suppression needs.

Tom Boggus
Chairman, National Association of State Foresters Foundation,
Director Emeritus, Texas A&M Forest Service (2008 – 2021)

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